My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic game is a City Building App Game for iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini players, especially for girls.

Collecting as more Bits and Gems, you can expand your zones and clean stones as well as purchasing shops, decorations.

This guide will help you collect free Bits and pink Gems in My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic game

How to earn free bits on My little Pony-Friend is magic?
1 Build Shops and gain free Bits.

You can build shops like Windmill, Cherry Stand, Lemon Stand, Apple Stand, Book Store, etc. and hire ponies to work to earn free bits after a time period.

2 Tap trees and hay to gain free bits
Yes, you can see there are many trees even woods here and there in MLP-FM game, do not just consider they are decorations and ordinary surroundings, try to tap them, there will be a surprise of gaining bits one by one.

Do not pass up the hays around your village; you will earn bits by tapping them as well.

3 Find little pony in a box to gain free bits
Another surprise is you will find a little box but two blinked eyes stand that there is a pony in this box. Tap it you will earn free bits and see a pony with beautiful wings. What a lovely pony!

4 complete quests to gain free bits of the reward

In the top left corner, you will see the Quests book, which deliver you tasks and reward as well.
Complete one quest, you will get the reward of Bits.

5 Speed your XP and gain free bits of the reward
When your xp is up to next level, you will be given a lot of bits as a bonus!

6 Tap Harmony Stones to earn free bits

When one Harmony Stone was activated, you can tap it to try your luck and gain free bits.

But you need to cost harmony elements, and hire ponies to work can help you collect more harmony elements.

7 Every Day Attendance helps get bonus of free bits
Keeping every day logging in this game, you will be rewarded a bonus as free bits.

How to gain free pink Gems from My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic?
1 Complete Quests to gain free Gems

The quest will give you an instruction of the reward, for example, if you can complete the Party Time task, you will earn 3 free gems finally.

Perfectly complete Educated Ponyfolks task, you will be rewarded 1 free gem!

2 Notify the little pony in a box
The little pony in a box not only can bring you free bits but also take you free gems. But it depends on good luck!

3 Daily Bonus to gain free Gems
Keeping every day logging in this game, you will be rewarded a bonus as free bits. Notice that Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 there is no free gem reward.

4 Speed up XP to gain free Gems

For example, when you get up to level 9, you will be rewarded as 2 free gems.

5 Receive Gems from your friends

From Gameloft:
Bits are the main in-game currency. Bits can be used to buy shops, decorations, and homes for your ponies to live in. Clearing unwanted objects also costs Bits.

Gems are the premium currency in the game. They’re used to get unique decorations and special ponies to come and live in your town. Gems will also let you perform special actions that you can’t normally do.

How to get free bits and gems in My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic?

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