Hey, Hay Day guys, are you also facing the headachy problem about how to level up fast Hay Day? When we’re new to Hay Day,we can easily level up Hay Day, upgrade isn’t a very difficult task, and even we can upgrade five or six levels a day. But when we’re deep into Hay Day, the experience point is required more as the level advances; it is very hard to level up Hay Day in advanced levels. Anyway, we still try to find some solutions to level up Hay Day quickly, one level advances at least.

In order to level up Hay Day, the direct solution is to gain more experience points ASAP. To most of us, earning experience points is more crucial than making money. So, we often sell some items with a lower price but for a more considerable experience point. Actually, there’re more than 2 or 3 ways to get experience points. Here I just collect most of methods to achieve experience points. Maybe you can share me more sound ways to get experience points to level Hay Day up fast.

1. Get experience point from your plants, processed goods, etc

If time permits, I’d like to suggest you put much time on catering your farm. Each time, whether you collect eggs, milk, wheats, corns or even bread from the bakery, hamburgers from BBQ Grill, then, small amounts of experience points will be earned. Say, one piece of pork for 5 points, one egg for 2 points, and one loaf of bread for 3 points, etc.

2. Get experience points from truck deliveries

Check out each order on billboard, and try to produce the items needed. Truck delivery takes up a great part in gaining experience points. Yep, we can get both coins and experience points from goods delivery by truck. However, not all the orders are within your range at present. Thus, the willingness you should have is to say no to those impossible orders. Changing orders is the best answer to refuse goods delivery. How to change truck delivery? Just trash the impossible order and wait fifteen or maybe twenty minutes for the next order.

3. Get experience points by filling customers requests

Each farm, we have 4 frequent visitors, one is Greg, and who’re the next three? I don’t know. But never mind, it’s not very important to write down their names, all we need to do is to try to fill their items requests. All we can get from them is 5 experience points and some coins. Maybe 5 points is just like a drop in the bucket, but we believe that every little helps a mickle.

4. Get experience points from boat load cargo.

When you upgraded Hay day level 23, and if you’ve earned more than 16 000 coins, now you can repair the dock with 16 000 coins. When the dock is repaired, boat will arrives at your dock for some items. Boat order often asks for more items, and experience point is also very considerable. So you need to prepare goods as more as you can. Don’t worry, before boat arrives,you’ll be informed of the items required even though amounts of items aren’t told.

5. Get experience points by checking out achievements

Tap on your house and in the pop-up menu, you’ll clearly see when the reward will reach. Each achievement you finish, you’ll be rewarded with diamonds, or even the favorite experience points. And also, you’ll be informed of the reward’s arrival by the three colored ribbons appearing on your house.

6. Build two farms to level up Hay Day faster

As Tracy said before, it’s impossible to build more than one farm on one iPad even with different Apple ID. But if you happen to own one iPad and one iPhone, definitely you can have two farms. You can just use one farm to serve the other farm, that’s to say, the farm on iPhone just produce as more as items that’s required on the iPad farm, which will make the iPad Hay Day levels up faster. Aungame Team Jack just found this great method, and he levels Hay Day faster than us. So, it’s worthy of a try if you can afford two or more Apple portable devices.

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