Jetpack Joyride is developed by Halfbrick, the same as Fruit Ninja. As a fast-paced running game, Jetpack Joyride entertains us a lot, also it is always among the top download board.

In last article, I showed how to get unlimited coins in Jetpack Joyride, and here I pay more attention to detailed introduction about the gadgets in Jetpack Joyride. Literally, these gadgets will protect you from being damaged or killed, so hope it helps on your decision to select which gadget for as your equipment. And of course, each time you need equip up to two gadgets from the below 18 gadgets.

Here’s all the Jetpack Joyride gadgets introduction and how to use this gadgets, and this also can be the Jetpack Joyride tips.

Of course, Gadgets can be found when you enter the Stash, click Gadgets option to reveal all the 6 sectors. All the gadgets can be used for lifetime once purchased.

Sector one: Research and Development

There’re air barrys, nerd repellant as well as insta-ball in sector one.

Air Barrys:

Leap gracefully over obstacles with these designer sneakers.

This gadget allows Barry to jump while on the ground, quickly launching him approximately half-way to the ceiling.
The ability to 'jump' refreshes every time Barry's feet hit the ground.

Nerd Repellant:

This patent-pending formula is so potent that the whole laboratory had to be abondoned.

This gadget makes the whole laboratory closed, and give it an abandoned appearance. There are no scientists, tumbleweeds roll on the ground, and the red flashing lights are off.It also makes some door lights flicker
This gadget can be helpful if the player is easily distracted by the scienists, causing him to die more often. It is also useful if the play wants to avoid scattering or touching any scientists if, for example, one of the challenges is to avoid harming any scientists for X meters, but the player wants to use the machine gun jetpack or vehicles (maybe to do a vehicle challenge simultaneosly). It is especially helpful when trying to get the "Germaphobe" achievement, where you must travel 2 km without touching any coins, scientists or tokens, which can be very difficult to get without Nerd Repellant. Otherwise, it's effects are mainly aesthetic, and provides a change from the normal scenery.


Bounce off the floor instead of going splat. Great for travelling a few extra meters.

This gadget activates immediately after Barry's death. A pink sphere encases Barry and bounces three times before breaking. Barry's velocity when he hits the ground determines the Insta-Ball's effectiveness. Barry will bounce higher, and subsequently farther, if he dies near the top of the screen, or while falling from the top of the screen than he will bounce more than if he dies while running on the ground.

Barry will bounce no lower than the midpoint of the screen and no higher than the top (so he won't bounce off the ceiling). The height, and subsequently the distance, Barry bounces decreases with each bounce if possible. However, if the Gravity Belt gadget is also being used, his bounce height and distance increases if possible instead of decreases after each bounce.

If the Insta-Ball is used with the Freeze-O-Matic, the Insta-Ball will activate first. Once the Insta-Ball breaks, the Freeze-O-Matic will activate, increasing the distance traveled after death.

Sector 2: Fringe Science Lab

There’re Gravity Belt, Missle Jammer, and Token Gift in this sector.

Gravity Belt

Makes the ground come at you a lot faster than usual. Be sure to bend your knees when you land.

This gadget makes gravity stronger, so Barry falls much more quickly. Especially useful for avoiding diagonal Zappers.

Missle Jammer

Replaces the missile guidance program with pictures of kittens downloaded from the Internet. Only works if the kittens are particularly cute. "

The Missile Jammer is a Gadget that was introduced in Update 1.3 on April 26, 2012. This gadget makes randomMissiles detonate by itself, rendering some missiles harmless. The icon is a picture of a partly destroyed red missile.

Token Gift

What do you give someone who has everything? A free finalSpin Token, of course!"

Token Gift is a Gadget that was introduced on update Version 1.3 on April 26, 2012. This gadget spawns a Spin Token at the beginning of each run which is quite difficult to avoid as it is automatically equipped with a "magnet" with similar to the effects of Magnetic Tokens. The achievement, Rejected can be obtained when the player dodges a Token Gift. Its icon is a picture of a Spin Token with a red ribbon wrapped around it.

Sector 3: Pseudoscience Action Group

In this sector, there’re Freeze-O-Matic, X-Ray Specs, as well as Gemology.


There is no better way to cool down after a hard run than being snap-frozen in a solid brick of ice. It also helps you slide a few extra meters

This gadget will freeze Barry immediately after his death, causing him to slide a few extra meters (about 80 metres). The ice will break after a few seconds. This gadget also allows Scientists to freeze.

If use with the Insta-Ball, the Insta-Ball will activate first and if bounced three times, Freeze-O-Matic will be activated and Barry slides.

X-Ray Specs

This high-tech eyeware is both fashionable and functional. Now you can look inside vehicle pickups and other places you're not supposed to see.

This gadget allows Barry to see what's inside a Vehicle pickup, and also examines Scientists, Missiles, Spin Tokens, and Flash.


A single blingification technique that converts coins into high-value gems. For some reason it only works on coins minted in 1985 "

Gemology is a Gadget introduced through the Update 1.3 released on April 26, 2012. This gadget turns random coins into high-valued gems equivalent to 5 coins, or 10 coins with the Counterfeit Machine or the Next Run Double prize. Its icon is a picture of a octagonal-shaped ruby, a type of gemstone. It costs 6,500.

Sector 4: Futurologist Lounge

There’re EZY-Dodge Missles, Magnetic Tokens, as well as Flying Pig.

EZY-Dodge Missles

If you're going to play a game of chicken with a missile, make sure it's an Ezy-Dodge!

The Ezy-Dodge Missiles is a Gadget that was introduced in Update 1.3 on April 26, 2012. This gadget makes Missilesmove slower, therefore making it easier to dodge and avoid missiles. In addition, it changes the missile warning sound into a slower version of the original sound. Its icon is a picture of a blue Missile.

Magnetic Tokens

Every token is fitted with a super-strong magnet. They are easier to collect, but will probably wipe your credit card .

This gadget will make Spin Token a magnetic token. Magnetic token is easier to catch. The way it acts is similar to a token gift. If you go up, it goes up. If you go down, it goes down. This gadget is great for completing goals such as "Collect 4 spin tokens in one game"

Flying Pig

This highly-unstable coin transporter was designed by a scientist with a particular fondness in for physical comedy.

This gadget makes some Flying Piggys appear randomly. There can be Gems if the Gemology gadget and Double Coins if the player achieved the Double Coins on the slot.

Sector 5: Testing Zone

Free Ride, Coin Magnet and Lucky Last in Testing zone.

Free Ride

Stop off at the motor pool before smashing through the laboratory wall. Why didn't Barry think of this earlier

The Free Ride is one of the gadgets in Jetpack Joyride. When used, the player gets a free vehicle at the start of a run.

Coin Magnet

Once you get the feeling of being endlessly pelted with coins you will start to wonder how you ever lived without it.

Coin Magnetis a Gadget that was released with Update 1.3 on April 26, 2012 together with all the other gadgets. This gadget creates a magnetic force that surround Barry's body. It has the same function as Vehicle Magnets, albeit with a smaller magnetism radius. Its icon is a picture of Barry with a magnet on his side.

Lucky Last

Your final Spin Token is forged from Fortunium, the world's luckiest element."

Lucky Last is a Gadget introduced and included in Update 1.3 on April 26,2012. This gadget makes the player's Final Spin Token guaranteed to win a prize. Its icon is an image of a Spin Token with a clover on the middle.

Sector 6: Antimatter Storage:

In this sector, you meet Flash, Dezapinator, and Turbo Boost.


A robot dog who collects Coins, knocks over Scientists, and burns rubber. Best friends don't come any cooler than this.

Flash is a Gadget released through Version 1.3.5 update on May 24, 2012, together with the Dezapinator and the Turbo Boost. This gadget, in a form of a robotic dog, helps players by obtaining Coins and Spin Tokens, and occasionally knocks over Scientists.


This clever gizmo emits a special frequency that causes nearby Zappers to pop. It's just a prototype so don't expect it to work all the time."

The Dezapinator is a Gadget that is first introduced in Update 1.3.5 released on May 24, 2012. This gadget randomly disables nearby Zappers. This gadget is considered to be very beneficial, due to the fact that numerous Zappers appear when players are very far and when riding Vehicles. Its icon is an image of a partly destroyed Zapper.

Turbo Boost

Ever wish that you had a machine flying in front of you spawning boost rings ? No? Well the team at Legitimate Research have made one anyway

Turbo Boost is a Gadget released with Update 1.3.5 on May 24, 2012, together with all the other Gadgets. This gadget, as stated above, spawns three boost rings that help players go to farther distances. The icon is a picture of a circle-shaped sign with two right-facing blue arrows

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