Littlest Pet Shop is one popular pets game from 2012 to 2013, and more and more people love these cuttest and littlest pets at the first sight. How do you place gifts for your pets in Littlest Pet Shop Game? This quest is difficult to complete because there are no gifts sold in Littlest Pet "Shop".

Here is a walkthrough to help you out on placing gifts for your littlest pets in this LPS game. Let's go!

Cost 300 kibbles from Lucky Paw game to get one gift to place it in Littlest Pet Shop.

Launch your Littlest Pet Shop game, and you will see the "Tools" icon in the right corner of the screen, then tap it you will see"LUCKY PAWS".

Tap "LUCKY PAWS", there are three options: 300 kibbles,25 blings and 100 hearts. Please choose the left one "300 kibbles", and then turn the dial.

Then you will be given a gift and see a window of "“WELL DOWN! You won a gift for one of your pets!”Click "ok", you will be taken into the main screen of Littlest Pet Shop game.

Yes, after you got a gift from Lucky Paws another problem: how to place the gift for your pets?

No worries. Under the tip of "Choose a free spot",you will be seen a bright and shining circle around each pets, just choose one pet, and stay there for seconds, then the gift will be successfully placed well beside this pet in Littlest Pet Shop.

Notice: Please do not click “Quit” button for this action for it will lead you losing this chance and waste 300 kibbles finally.

If you are lucky,game system will bonus you one free gift. And you can make use of this good chance to place the gift for your pets in Littlest Pet Shop.

Hope this guide will help you a little to place a gift in Littlest Pet Shop.

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