If you are feeling very lucky one day, you can have a try on the “LUCKY PAWS” to win prize, but very few Hearts will redistrict your to realize your big dream of a gear treasure.

How to fast earn more free Hearts in Littlest Pet Shop Game?

Visit Dream Town to Tap the Tappy Objects.

In your Home of Littlest Pet Shop game, you also find the Tappy Objects and tap them you can earn free kibbles, and sure you can tap the tea up, teapot, mirrors, paint buckets, face balls, books, and so on to gain free hearts.

Click “TOOLS” in the low right corner, and choose “SOCIAL”, then tap “Visit” to “Dream Town”. by tapping the Tappy objects there you will find your Hearts amount is increasing.

By tapping the Tappy Objects which are around the town, you will find your Hearts amount is increasing.

Taking 100 Hearts to play Lucky Paws to gain a big prize!
My lucky day I won 4000 Kibble from Lucky Paws!

Will you try your luck soon? Gain as much Hearts as possible at firstly!

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