When Hill Climb Racing Hack is completed, now you have endless coins, it’s 999,999,999 coins. Now you can unlock all the stages, including the most challenging stages like Moon, Mars as well as Alien Planet. There’s friend once wondering how to drive uphill or downhill in the Moon Stage on Hill Climb Racing.

Actually, in Moon Stage, it becomes even more exciting. As we all acquire that the Moon’s gravity is only about 1/6 the gravity of the earth, so it’s harder to drive stable on the Moon, so your car or motocross bike may sometimes floats in the air. But you know it makes flip easier if you can control well the gas and brake.

Also, I find a lot of Hill Climb Racing fans are wondering the air time point or how to flip in Hill Climb Racing, and here Tracy will share my experience on those tricks in Hill Climb Racing, hope it makes sense for your flip in Hill Climb Racing.

Take Moon stage for the example, it is one of the best stages to do flip since it has the low-gravity issue, and I love the feeling of weightlessness and the excitement and adventure of it all. About how to do a flip or air time on Moon stage, it’s very easy, just keep tapping gas to drive vehicle at full speed on a big jump, but make sure that you can also make great use of brake to protect yourself from being damaged.

When it comes to air time points in Hill Climb Racing, I’m so sorry for the incomplete explanation in the previous article that I told you can only get 25, 50, 75, 100 coins or the big air time for 200 and 400 coins. Actually, in Moon Stage, due to low-gravity, you can do more air time and flips, and you’ll meet insane air time, and insane air time rewards you with 1000, 2000, 3000, 4500 or even more coins. And insane air time coins depends on how long you can float in the air. Thus, if you want to get more coins in Hill Climb Racing, you may try the Moon Stage.

In order to achieve more flips or air time, I upgrade all the power-ups of engine, suspension, tires, 4WD to the maximum level with the unlimited coins. You may wonder which vehicle is the best for Moon Stage, actually, if you upgrade all the power-ups, even with Motocross Bike, you can survive long with more tricks. As for me, I like drive the Race car in Moon best.

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