Tracy tried this great racing game, it is thrilling and I’m really into it. If you’re only the Jeep Starter on countryside track, this article may be of great help since Tracy has collected many tips about Hill Climb Racing.

How to get more coins on Hill Climb Racing?

The quickest way is just to purchase coins with real money, and now Hill Climb Racing coins are on sale. Of course, you can pick up coins along the hill, but you can also be rewarded with coins if you grab plenty of air time.

How to unlock stages and get more coins in Hill Climb Racing?

Need I upgrade my car?

Yes, upgrade does make sense. The first upgrade should be engine. When you're trying to make it up hills, even at full power and traction, engine upgrade to will help car with an overall speed boost.


"Improved engine parts result in power increase. Higher horsepower helps you climb hills and make longer jumps and tricks for more bonuses."


"Lower weight point and improved shock absorption improves stability at high speeds and makes the car more stable on bumps."


"Improved tires result in better traction and better power delivery to the ground."

PS: Wanna own unlimited coins in Hill Climb Racing, please follow this guide:

Should I hold throttle at full speed?

To be frank, to hold the throttle down at full speed is not a smart decision. If you pump gas hard, your car may turn over. So, just pump the gas gently and you’ll easily pass the steep hill.

More hints about Hill Climb Racing cheats that I collect from other game players:

Pick up the red fuel canisters that occasionally appear on the road because once you're out of fuel your high-score attempt will end.

It is easy to do a neck flip by applying brake instead of applying boost. To do a easy neck flip just apply break / stoppie while moving down to the hill with full speed.

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