Tracy has been so keen on Hill Climb Racing, and also shared some tips about Hill Climb Racing. But recently, I have met so many guys asking how to unlock all stages, unlock all vehicles, even unlimited coins in Hill Climb Racing. So after many attempts, and Tracy now find something new in this game.

This time, Tracy will share how to get unlimited coins in Hill Climb Racing. Once unlimited coins is achieved, then all levels, stages, vehicles will be available. Then, get preparation to follow me to know the simple way to hack Hill Climb Racing. Before sharing this Hill Climb Racing hack for unlimited coins, I’d like to say sorry to Hill Climb Racing developers genuinely, and I do like this game very much although hack itself is not a good manner.

Where to download this interesting racing game?

Go to

Now let’s go on to figure out the unlimited coins in Hill Climb Racing.

Step 1: Download Hill Climb Racing attachment from the below link, and unzip it, you’ll see a file called: UserDefault.xml.

Step 2: Download iTools from the below link and install, then open the iTools

Step 3: Quit Hill Climb Racing, and then connect iPad or iPhone to PC or iMac. Click Application and find Hill Climb Racing game, Open “View Files” folder and go to “Document”folder. Now replace the UserDefault.xml with the attachment mentioned in Step 1.

This is all steps about Hill Climb Racing Hack for unlimited coins, now you have 999,999,999 coins. So you can unlock each stage, all vehicles. And Hill Climb Racing has just updated with the new vehicle Motocross Bike, it’s a cool vehicle and it deserves a try. Know more about Hill Climb Racing update about Mars and Alien Planet, please read my latest news about Hill Climb Racing:

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