Hill Climb Racing for iOS has been update today with something unusual. In the last version, we know three kinds of vehicles on Hill Climb Racing, all of them are four-wheel-drive, but this time, a new vehicle motocross bike came up in Hill Climb Racing. To unlock Motocross Bike only costs 75,000 coins. And this motocross bike is more stable than Jeep and it goes uphill without much effort.

And I feel Motocross Bike is a good vehicle to do back flip. To be frank, I never met the back flip trick on Hill Climb Racing before update. And after this update, I tried to drive motocross bike in Cave stage, and I got two back flip in one turn.

And how to do back flip in Hill Climb Racing? I get a simple method, when you do a big jump, or you can call it a big air time, then, just keep tapping gas, you’ll get the back flip. And back flip is not like Neck Flip, we’ve already got that game’s over when neck flip comes; but back flip is another reward, you’ll get 1,000 coins for the back flip trick in Hill Climb Racing and still, game is continuing.

Also, in this update, two more stages show up, they’re Mars and Alien Planet. If you didn’t get very excited at Moon Stage, Mars and Alien Planet will be a good replacement.

To unlock Mars in Hill Climb Racing, you need pay 250,000 coins. When Mars is unlocked, you can go further in the galaxy and experience the different galaxy.

To unlock Alien Planet, it will cost 750,000 coins. After experiencing the galaxy racing, challenge yourself by doing a car racing in an alien planet.

Also, there’s another small update, Tap to save is added in the result screen, so it’s easy to keep the record.

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