As you level up Hay Day fast, it’s surely that you can decorate your farms with pets. If you’re in high level and become rich, you can challenge more like purchasing pets to make your Hay Day farm vibrant.

How to purchase pets on Hay Day?

We can’t buy cats and dogs in Hay Day with coins, but with vouchers. Voucher is really a rare reward that can be got from Hay Day.

Where does voucher come from?

There’re four kinds of vouchers: green, blue, purple and golden. You may get it from boat deliveries and special truck deliveries, or you may find in tool boxes & play with the Wheel of Fortune.

How to feed dogs or cats on Hay Day?

Before purchasing pets on your farm, you need to buy the dog house or cat house. It’s in the shop list, same as cow pasture, pig pen, chicken coop, etc. To feed a dog, just fill the bowl next to the Dog House with bacon. To feed a cat, just fill the bowl next to the Cat House with milk. And I’m curious why cats eat milk but not milk. Anyway, it’s just the rule of Hay Day. You can fill the bowls any time, but dogs and cats will only eat while they are hungry.

How do the pets on Hay Day work?

After eating, the pets will take a rest. And if you tap on them to wake them up, then experience points will be rewarded to you. If you have many pets, you can also use the whistle to wake them all up and get the whole reward.

How many pets in total on Hay Day?

On Hay Day, there’re totally 3 types of dogs and 3 of cats. And for each type, you can buy 2 if you have enough vouchers. So in conclusion, you can get 12 pets on Hay Day farm. And pets are nice to each other, so each pet house can raise 3 pets. So, earn coins to buy 2 cat houses and 2 dog houses for your pets.

Hay Day

Developer: Supercell Oy

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