As your experience level advances, you may need more lands on Hay Day for more machines, crops and poultry. So it always comes first about how to expand your farm on Hay Day.

There’re two ways to expand your land on Hay Day. One is to use the axe, saw to cut down the trees. But later, we find it’s far from our demands on the land. So the other one is to expand your farm with some tools, like Mallet, Maker Stake as well as Land Deed, all the three stuff is used to cultivate more area in Hay Day.

But just as most gameplayers complained, it’s so hard to get Mallet, Maker Stake and Land Deed on Hay Day. Here I recommend several ways to collect Mallet, Maker Stake as well as Land Deed.

1. We get them from big harvest, just the same ways as we get axes, dynamite, saws, etc. But these rewards are give randomly, so you may get a lot of land deeds, mallets, but few stakes.

2. Some farmer would like to sell them, so go to roadside shop from your friends or purchase it on newspaper ads.

3. Surely, the third way is to use real money to purchase diamonds, and then pay the stuff with real diamonds.

4. Go to Hay Day Forum; exchange your storage with Hay Day players.

As ever, the method you take to expand your farm on Hay Day comes to your own taste. Wish you good luck to expand more lands, more space.

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