Have you already downloaded and played Littlest Pet Shop- the cutest and nicest iPad game for girls?

Bling is just like "Kibble", only BETTER, because you can also spend Bling to care for pets a nd play Lucky Paws without waiting!

Well, how to get Free Bling in LPS without payment?

1 Watch a video to win 1 free piece of Bling.

After you tapping on Blings icon, there are two options "BUY BLING" and "FREE BLING" in the screen. Wait for a short while, you will find the "FREE BLING" brighted, then click it, there will be a window as below:

Then you can tap the "Start" button to watch the video and gain 1 free bling.

2 Watch a video in Movie Theater to gain 2 free pieces of Bling.

Firstly you need to make sure you have already put a Movie Theater for your pets, and click the Movie Theater, you will find there is a note "WATCH", tapping it to watch the movie to gain 2 free pieces of Bling!

Not each time you will win 2 Blings by watching the movie, maybe it is limited for a period time or only once time each day.

3 Finish the quests and gain rewards to win Free Bling.

In the lower left corner of the game screen, QUESTS will offer you many opportunities to get the rewards to gain free Bling.

For example, just finish the QUESTS task, "GO TO the DREAM TOWN", you will earn 1 piece of free Bling!

4 Do not waste Blings when you are not so hurry to wait a pet coming or take care of pets.

You may wanna to buy the "CLUBHOUSE", "BAMBOO BUNGLOW", "TREE HOUSE" even PET JET, WINTER LODGE , etc from FUN HOUSES as well as various PLAY AREAS for your pets, but all these needs to be paid by Blings, so please save as many Blings as possible.

So please do not click “Skip" button when you meet them, for they will waste your Blings.

And yes, you can meet the "Skip" anywhere.

This game is strongly recommended for girls on iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini.

What's more, when you find all the five buddies with one species, you will get free blings as the game bonus. For example, if you firstly collect all the pets in one species, the game system will bonus you 1 free bling; and the second time, 2 free blings; the third time complete all five pets collecting, you will be rewarded 3 free blings; and the like 4 free blings the fourth time the 5 free blings the fifth time.

If you find other methods to gain free bling in Littlest Pet Shop, please let me know! I will be glad to communicate with you on this lovely game!

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