Earth 2037-2


As the upgraded version of "EARTH2037", the game "EARTH2037-2" is a new generation classic mobile game which combines Wars & Strategy.

Race Introduce

  • Human Alliance

    Constituted by the survivals from Asia, Middle East and Euro. Inheritance of human civilization, technology and the traditional social patterns . Focused on development of social production and the balance of national defense policy . They spared no efforts to make both offensive and defensive. Sought in the brutal war invincible.

  • Rising Sun Kingdom

    In disasters and wars, Asian part of the human being nuclear radiation and chemical weapons victims, they could only survive through the combination of Human and Machine. Eventually they evolved into the new half-human half-machine civilization., The mechanized corps swept the world and with quick-strike capability. Fortified defense system made it defensible longer.

  • Hawk Horde

    After the 2012 North American power joined together to develop a national super computer "Skynet" to fight Disasters and wars. However, it is self-awareness in the war and launched Artificial Intelligence military coup. Eventually won the right to rule. Use of biological networks formed into a giant national matrix " Paradise". "Paradise" consumed a large amount of resources, promoted the development of a Federal best means of attack to get the resources. A large number of weapons short of artificial intelligence could be created to invest in rapid offensive operations.