What’s the room for? Maybe now we can call it sitting-room, and it is just D&R Chapter 5-stage 4. In this odd room, it just shows us more mysteries and I get to believe there’s no more than one weird puzzle to be solved. Whatever, just follows me to beat Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 stage 4.

1. Pick up the fish on the painting, and put it into the bear’s mouth to unlock the drawer under the bear statue, then, we get a chess piece.

2. On the left of the room, we get a pot from the shelf, dismantle it for another chess piece.

3. Pull off the carpet, get the third chess piece. And under the fish painting, there’s chess piece 4.

4. Tap the big clock to reveal musical wire. Then, we name the wires as the below, so we get the code as: 514253.

5. Then, tap the harp to reveal the puzzle, use the code we got in step 4, then, tap the wires as the below orders:

6. Then, we get a key from the harp, use it to open the locked dresser, so we get a paper and the last chess piece.

7. Use the magnifying glass to have a closer look at the paper, it is about the chess rules.

8. And in the carpet, between two chairs, there’s a chess board, and we see E-7, F-7, F-5, G-5, H-7, H-6 are occupied by the symbols.

And we simplify this rule, we can draw it with the help of Excel.

In each chess piece, there’s a letter and a number, we put the five chess pieces into the excel like the below picture:

And according to the chess rules on the paper we get in step 6. We mark the grids that five chess piece can move in blue.

And E-7, F-7, F-5, G-5, H-7, H-6 occupied on chess board in red.

Then, we only leave E-1, B-5, C-7, G-3, H-2.

9. And last we get the below code for the wooden box under the fish painting, then we get a knife and dismantle it, then use it on the door locker to reveal the last puzzle for D&R 5-4.

How to solve this puzzle to escape Doors & Rooms 5-4?

Tracy just name each grid as the below pic.

Then, we tap them in below orders:

2-2, 2-1, 2-4, 4-5, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 5-3 and finally 5-2

10. So the door puzzle is released, just walk out D&R The Kingdom stage 4.

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