It is the Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 stage 2, this escape story happens in a dining room, we have no time for this delicious turkey, we had better rack our brains to find the way to escape D&R level 5-2.

If you have no enough coins for the hints, my walkthrough about Doors & Rooms Chapter 5 The Kingdom Walkthrough Stage 2 will help you a lot.

1. Pick up the knife, a bottle of wine from the table, using the knife the cut the turkey for a piece of paper which says “3113”

2. On the right shelf, pick up a plate, a glass cup, a bottle opener, using the magnifying lens to have a close at the cup and the plate, on cup, it says 9958, on the plate, it says 1327.

Combine bottle opener and the wine bottle, then dismantle it for a cork saying 6354.

3. On the left, there’s a suite of armor, get the helmet and iron mace from the armor. Use the mace to break the right vase, then use the helmet to get the dirt. Then, use the helmet full of dirt to put out the fire in the fireplace on the left of the room. Then, tap the fireplace to see I, II, III, IV.

4. Tap the painting on the wall, we see the below the turkey, plate, glass cup and bottle.

5. Combine the clues in both step 3 and step 4, we simply think Turkey represents I, the plate represents II, the glass cup III, and the bottle of wine IV.

And we still remember the numbers in each stuff, the paper from the turkey is 3113, the plate is 1327, the glass cup is 9958, and the bottle of wine says 6354.

So, I=turkey=3113




6. Under the painting, there’s a old wood box, tap it to reveal a puzzle, and from the conclusion we got in step 5, we easily solve this puzzle, 3, 7, 9, 5.

Why the code is 3795?

I, II, III, IV is made up of 4 numbers, “3” is the first number in I, “7” the fourth number in II, “9” is the second number in III, and “5” the third number in IV.

7. When the puzzle is solved, we get a ring from the wood box. Just the D&R 5-1, we put the ring onto the door locker to reveal the last puzzle for opening the door.

You need to make the red gems in the middle. If we name the four circles as A, B, C, D

We just tap them in the below orders:

Tap B-A-A-B-D(4 times)-B(5 times)-A(6 times)-C(5 times)-B(4 times)

When all the 5 red gems are shown in the middle as the below picture, you can just open the door to escape D&R chapter 5 stage 2.

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