This article still continuously talks about the strategy, walkthroughs about Doors and Rooms Chapter 3 Silent Hospital. And in the following passage, Tracy will give you some hints about how to escape Doors & Rooms Chapter 3 Stage 4 and Stage 5.

Doors & Rooms Chapter 3 Silent Hospital Stage 4 Walkthrough:

1. Pick up the four cubes from the sofa, the microwave, floor as well as the pool table. Get the wad of paper from the trash. Dismantle the wad of paper for Cube E and a paper.

2. Pick up two handicapped sticks on both pool table and the floor. Go to inventory to combine them for a complete stick. Use the new stick to get a coin from the ceiling.

3. Use the coin to buy a can of drink, use the magnifying glass to see the can body. There’re 1 white point, two orange points, 3 blue points, four purple points, as well as 5 red points.

4. Go back to the room, we see a electrical puzzle on the wall. We found it has some connection with the 5 cubes. Then, we hazard a guess: 5-red-B, 4-purple-C, 3-blue-E, 2-orange-A, 1-white-D. Then, connect the electrical wires.

5. Then, we see several colors on the TV. According the paper we get in step 1, we get a new code: 43158. Enter the code on the door locker to exit.

Doors & Rooms Chapter 3 Silent Hospital Stage 5 Walkthrough:

It is just a operating room, let’s start from the injury and we’ll escape Doors and Rooms Silent Hospital Level 3-5, safe and sound.

1. Pull away the sheet to see a injured bear, use the scalpel to cut the bear’s stomach to reveal a puzzle.

2. Tap the ECG machine to see the X-rays, average blue is 60, which is calculated from the below formula: (20+100+40+60+40+80+60+80)/8=60. So we can get average red is 90, and average yellow 75. So we get the code 9075 to solve the puzzle in bear’s stomach.

3. Then, from the puzzle, we get a card key. When we try to insert the card into the slot near the door, red lights alert that tell you to enter the code.

4. We search the room again trying to find the code out, and we get a negative in the sink. Place the negative on the screen on the wall. Tap the negative to see some hints for the code. When we just match the negative with the red alerts on the door, we get the below picture, so we can guess a word: push. Yes, “push” is the right code for the door open.

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