If you feel it’s such a piece of cake about the previous two chapters: Rusty Key and Secret Door in Doors & Rooms, then, you must believe the following chapter 3 & chapter 4 is a good challenge. I do believe D&R is another excellent Room escape game. And I will spare no effort to provide the walkthrough or tips about Doors and Rooms.

Here we just enter the Doors & Rooms Chapter 3 Silent Hospital, all the scene occurs in the Hospital. Maybe this chapter 3 Silent Hospital creeps you out, anyway, you should stay calm to find the way out.

This is the Doors & Rooms Walkthrough Chapter 3:

Doors & Rooms 3-1 guide:

Open the box on the floor for a sprayer, use the sprayer the clean the mud on the ambulance’s license plate. Then, we see the code 5728.

Tap the lock on the ambulance’s back door to reveal a puzzle. Just enter the code 5728 we got in step 1.

When the back door is open, pick up the crowbar on the bed to open the front door.

Then, turn on the engine, see the four lights yellow, green, red, blue on the back of Ambulance.

Tap the light puzzle near the door, light up 4 lights in the order of yellow, green, red, blue. Now, you can enter hospital.

Doors & Rooms 3-2 guide:

Tap Dr. Vicent’s computer, it tells you should insert a CD. So just search the bookshelf to find it. Then, dismantle the CD from the case.

After inserting the CD, you’ll see an Excel. And inside the excel, we find a password formula, it is password= C4 + A3 + B1 – E3.

Actually, we can just imagine the bookshelf as the excel. Mark the bookshelf as the below picture:

And we find the stuff in C4, A3, B1, and E3. The stuff in C4 is a photo frame, and it has the code 1124; the code on the stuff in A3 is 1983; the code in B1 is 2485; and the code in E3 is 2012.

1221+1983+2485-2012=3677, so we get the password 3677.

When searching the bookshelf, we see a safe box, enter 3677 to unlock the safe box for a key.

Use the key to open the door.

Doors & Rooms 3-3 guide:

Open the drawer for a name card, get the book on the desk.

Use magnifying glass to read the name card and the book, the bloodstained part in name card show some numbers, it is 5562-1485. Use 1485 to open the puzzle box on the desk.

Ps: in the book we see the patient chart:

Date, Name and Blood type.
4.4 Aska Rh-A
1.3 Ruly A
3.5 Uj Rh-O
5.1 Sila AB

Then, you get a USB stick. Place it on the projector to reveal a skeleton on the screen. And there’re four names: Sila, Ruly, Uj and Aska.

Tap the bigger code box, we firstly click the four code.

Row 4-4: L

Row 1-3: S

Row 3-5: L

Row 5-1: B

Then, click like the below picture to reveal the four words shown on the screen, stomach, lung, liver, as well as brain. When all words revealed, we get a spine in the safe box.

Place the spine on the desk in front of the screen, look carefully the shadow, you get the code 3731.

Enter 3731 in the smaller code box to open the door.

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