It is easy to operate if you wanna to buy kibble/coins and buy bling/diamonds while playing Littlest Pet Shop game.

And yes, sure it is slow to collect free kibbles and free blings in Gamelot Littlest Pet Shop game. The items from Fun House, House, Play Area and Pets are more and more expensive later. So you will find you need an extreme long time to collect enough free blings and free kibbles to buy a house for your pets as well as other devices like fun house, even a new pet. So you are urgent to buy kibble and buy bling if you are in a hurry to place a new house and new pets.

Well, to buy kibbles or coins and buy blings or diamonds in Littlest Pet Shop game, how much are they?

To buy Kibbles or coins in LPS:

To buy Blings or diamonds in LPS:

Sure you need connect your iTunes account and then buy kibble or bling in LPS.

How to gain free kibbles in Littlest Pet Shop?

How to gain free blings in Littlest Pet Shop?

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